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ATCO Plantation - ABOUT US

Just the Facts

It is difficult to describe a southern sportsman's plantation, but we will start with some facts. ATCO Plantation:

  • Is a family oriented hunting and fishing haven.
  • Is located in Atkinson County and Coffee County, Georgia.
  • Has secluded access to the Satilla River and Seventeen Mile River.
  • Guides hunters who enjoy Georgia Quail Hunting, squirrel hunting, rabbit hunting, hog hunting, deer hunting, duck hunting, and turkey hunting.
  • Guides fishermen who enjoy catching largemouth bass, perch, and catfish.

Meet the Hosts

Descendants of the James family have lived in Atkinson County for six generations, and have held clean title to the land. We are a politically diverse family of strong willed and opinionated southerners. We are very hospitable, generous, tenacious - when provoked, and we consider family and friends the most important part of life. ATCO Plantation is operated by Walter James. If you want to know more, click on the ‘ legacy ’ link.

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