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Welcome to ATCO Plantation

Everything we do at ATCO Plantation is balanced with safety and having fun.   Some people like small game hunting, big game hunting, game bird hunting, non-game hunting, river fishing, and shooting guns.  What do you enjoy?

Do you enjoy South Georgia small game hunting?

We have rabbit hunting!

There is nothing quite like hearing a pack of beagles who have jumped a rabbit.  Their blended voices and rapid movements add excitement as the chase leads through various terrain.  Bring your dogs or hunt behind ours, nothing is quite like rabbit hunting.

We have Squirrel Hunting!

The squirrel population is ridiculously high.  They have been taking advantage of our deer feeders, and have become fat and sassy.  We need hunters who enjoy still hunting and hunting with dogs.  A good mountain feist, cur, or mixed breed will help you harvest some of these grain robbers.

Do you enjoy South Georgia big game hunting?

We have Whitetail Deer Hunting!

ATCO Plantation has South Georgia deer hunting land that varies from set out pines, oak groves, scrub oak thickets, river swamp, and food plots. The deer hunting stands are ready for your next trophy deer hunting adventure!  We have handicap accessible stands!

Do you enjoy South Georgia game bird hunting?

We have Quail Hunting!

ATCO Plantation wants you to experience traditional South Georgia Quail Hunting:  watching a dog holding a point, approaching the unknown hiding place of bullet fast pen raised bob white quail, hearing the unnerving sound of excited bobwhite quail rushing into flight, and then watching a northern jumbo bob white quail fall from a covey after your shot. This is what quail hunting in Georgia is all about.

We have Turkey Hunting!

Turkeys are everywhere!   One 2012 hunter counted 84 turkeys that crossed an internal road at ATCO Plantation.  Do you have what it takes to hunt turkeys?  The turkeys sure do take advantage of our deer feeders.  Some of the wild turkeys are so fat that they make a tremendous noise when roosting.

We have Duck Hunting!

The Satilla River and Seventeen Mile River boast good numbers of wild duck.  The river lakes bring them in every morning, and you can hear them leave just before darkness ends the day at ATCO Plantation.  It takes a special hunter to stalk wild duck on a river!  Do you have what it takes?

Do you enjoy South Georgia non-game hunting?

We have hog hunting!

ATCO Plantation has South Georgia Hog Hunting! Wild Hog hunting has become a necessity in South Georgia. The wild hogs are rooting up peanut fields, destroying game feeders, and making a general mess of things. Are you ready to feral hog hunt at ATCO Plantation?

We have Coyote hunting!

Predator hunting is a necessity in South Georgia and ATCO Plantation.  We use various techniques:  electronic calling, decoys, night vision, and long range rifles.  It is difficult to kill a coyote in the woods of South Georgia.   They are very smart!   They learn from the mistakes of hunters, and can run 45 mph.  I guess that is why it is called hunting instead of killing.  Have you tried coyote hunting yet?

Do you enjoy South Georgia river fishing?

We have river fishing!

ATCO Plantation has secluded access to the Satilla River and the Seventeen Mile River.  We can show you how to “ rig a cane pole ”, and catch a “ mess ” of bass, perch, and / or catfish.

Do you enjoy shooting your gun?

We have a gun range!

ATCO Plantation has long range rifle targets, pistol targets, and skeet shooting.  There is a firearms instructor who is a member of the NRA.  If this is how you relieve stress, come experience ATCO Plantation.

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