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Satilla River Fishing

I can remember the first time that my father took me fishing on the Satilla River.  He explained to me that we were going to pick out cane poles and that a good pole would have a lot of close, tight rings on the big end.  After we picked out these poles, they were rigged for river fishing, and cut corks were used.  We used crickets from the bait shop and worms, that were “ tickled ” and “ grunted ” out of the ground, for bait.  We sure caught a lot of black crappie, bluegill, redbreast, redear, spotted sunfish, warmouth, bass, blue catfish, channel catfish, white catfish, brown bullhead catfish, yellow bullhead catfish, and flathead catfish over the years!

Seventeen Mile River Fishing

Fishing on the Seventeen Mile River, also known as the Seventeen Mile Creek, is very similar to fishing on the Satilla.  The Seventeen is much smaller, so the deep water areas are loaded with fish.  My father often told ‘ tales ‘ of fishing with my grandfather, George Joel Williams.  He was a State Representative of Coffee County Georgia for many years, and his dry humor kept people sharp.  He was affectionately known as “ judge .”  Dad often talked about catching largemouth bass on the seventeen with the ‘ judge .’ 

If river fishing sounds like something you want to try, figure out when you can come, then contact us.

Fishing at ATCO Plantation


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